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EP Lyrics Collection



Mujh ko de woh
Jo tu na de saka
Meri rooh ko na yoon sata
Meri himmat ko tu barha
Meray khoon mein woh rang de
Jo rang tu na de saka

Meri aankhon mein dekh zara
Aur phhir mujhe tu yeh bata
Hum dono mein hai woh kiya
Na jhuk sake na ruk sake
Aisa woh dum tu ne diya

Aa hamein aazma
Aa chhoo ke dikha
Here we go
Aa hamein aazma
Aa chhoo ke dikha

Aah! Is this thing on?
Check, one, two
I got the gift, I got the game
What? When I grab that microphone
I drive people insane, Left to right from side to side
I’ll take you to a point where I take
Away your pride, Move you groove you and
Every time I use you, When I get done with you
You'll say I abused you, I ain’t bad I'm
Just trying to be cruel, Pure evil, made to rule
Got to open your mind and change Your point of view
Half the time you don't Know what to do
Just standing there and you ain't gotta clue
It's the people like me that's trying to keep it real
Hit ya! How does it feel?
Underground! What you folks have labeled me
I’m the voice of change that's going to set you free.

KAHAN HAI TU Song Lyrics - EP

oz roz yeh fasley
Bekhudi keh woh rastey
Aur hum usee par chal diye
Soch ke saari woh batein
Hum usee pe roh diye
Aaj to yeh haal hai
Keh zindagi hum pai hansey

Yeh zindagi teray wastey
Yeh himmat meray haath mein
Yeh chehray meray chehray pai
Yeh saansey

Dheeray Dheeray yeh zindagi
Nafraton mein kho gayee
Yeh aasmaan aur yeh zameen
Aaj hai tau kal naheen

Kahan Hoon Mein
Kahan Hai Tu
Kia Hai Yeh Zindagi
Kahan Hoon Mein
Kahan Hai Tu
Kyoon Hoye Ajnabee

Living in the world of hypocrisy
The lies and the deceit
The one who shall rule us all
Will be the one and only
Watch out! The lyrics that I flow
On your marks, get set go
I’m a white boy
Coming straight from the L town
Keeping it real. I’m a spawn of the underground
I’m the one you hate, I’m the one you fear
I’m the voice that whispers inside your ear
Cut you open deep inside
When you know what I speak everything is right
Freedom is all that counts
The more you push me the more I'll bounce
Bounce, bounce I said bounce boy
To base to the kick to the rhythm I deploy
Where you gonna run where you gonna hide
When I grab the microphone I say what I like
We're the people of the never ending breed
I am what I am and I am free!


HAMESHA Song Lyrics - EP

Silsile tor ke
Chal diye kidhar
Aik hee mor pe
Bas aik hee nazar
Beetay dinon ki woh baatain
Yaad hain magar
Kuch naheen iss jahan mein
Jo tu nahin idhar

Aik mein aik tu
Aik hee basar
Aik hee jaan pe
Marte hain magar
Beetay dinon ki woh baatein
Yaad hain magar
Kuchh nahin iss jahan mein
Jo tu nahin idhar

Chahay kuchh bhi ho jaye
Mein rahoon ga
Chahay waqt thum jaye
Mein rahoon ga
Mein rahoon ga hamesha
Mein rahoon ga
Maut aye tau aye
Mein rahoon ga

Close my eyes I picture you inside
It’s like a memory, a curse that I can’t deny
Days are vague and I can't explain
Trying to hold on to your gift of pain
It’s like a déjà vu coming all around
Trying to break me trying to bring me down
See I’m too strong to face any of this
I’m walking away from your God forsaken bliss


WAQT Song Lyrics - EP

This is how the story goes, in and out
One minute you're there, the next time runs out
It's a figure of speech as a matter of fact
Did you ever really think about the time you had
It's the grain that falls, every second that crawls
To the minute to the hour till infinity recalls
It's a barricade of twigs that's never really there
Did you ever really think that time even cares

Ik ehsaas hai
Keh socha na tha
Waqt dhalta raha
Mein chalta raha
Andheron mein bhi
Ik roshnee thee
Us roshnee mein
Ghar jalta raha

Tau dil mera roye to kia
Waqt iradon ko torey to kia
Manzil ko apni payen gai hum
Waqt ko apna banayen gai hum
Jo chahoon woh ho

Here's a little something that you really can think about
The time that got left and time that ran out
Keeping in mind what I left behind
My sanity my soul brought down to a fine line
The pain the shame too late to quit this game
I can never change cuz I'm one of a kind
Even if i wanted to I couldn’t decide
Cuz i never really had time on my side

Girta raha
Sambhalta raha
Iss khamoshi mein
Main marta raha
Umeedon kai mein saye taley
Khwabon ko tarasta raha

Tau dil mera roye to kia
Waqt iradon ko torey to kia
Manzil ko apnee payen gai hum
Waqt ko apna banayen gai hum

Is dhool kai khumar sai nashey mein rahey
Giray jin diyon pai pardey Jaley na bujhey
Jo chahoon woh ho
Mein chahoon woh ho


AGHOSH Song Lyrics - EP

Tootay huway un khwabon kai
Uss dahektay sooraj tallay
Falak say jo tapkay na jo
Umeed kay qatray thay woh

Talakh ansuwon kay sailaab say
Bhee jo ho na saki num toh
Rotee thee woh

Yeh zameen
Meri maan thee woh
Khuda ka wajood
Mabood thee woh
Saya thee
Raushni bhee thee woh
Qadam tallay jannat
Meri aghosh thee woh

Jiss aasray keh liye
Rooh tarapti thee jiss kee
Jiss shama ko
Jala na sakee
Woh andhaira tha mein

Yeh gunah-gar haath
bheek kee chah mein
Jo badhain darbadar uss kee soo
Dar rahi thee woh

Yeh zameen
Meri maan thee woh
Khuda ka wajood
Mabood thee woh
Saya thee
Raushni bhee thee woh
Qadam tallay jannat
Meri aghosh thee woh

Aankh say tapka jo ab yeh lahoo
Zakham bharnay lagay
Sar-ba-sajood hoon uss ke hazoor
Gunah dhulnay lagay
Darguzar aaj uss maan nay kiya
Faslay simatnay lagay
Wahdahoo! Uss kee kokh say hoon
Aik hee nabz, Aik wajood

Yeh zameen
Meri maan hai yeh
Khuda ka wajood
Mabood hai yeh
Saya thee, Raushni bhee hai yeh
Qadam tallay jannat
Meri aghosh hai yeh


RAHGUZAR Song Lyrics - EP

Chal dar badar ho
Kitna chalo gai?
Tum keh paikar-e-zo
Saya raho gai?

Arsh ko choomtey ho aaj
Bhool kai woh zaat
Jhoot taley hai dafan
Rah badal keh jo chaley
Lout aa na pao gai
Dhaltey rahein gai qadam

Tum rooth kar
Jao gai kahaan?
Meray paas tum
Reh jao yahaan

Arsh ko choomtey ho aaj
Bhool gaye woh raaz
Maut talak hein dafan
Rah badal kay jo chaley
Ab ruk na pao gai
Manzil to hai adum

Toro in dar-o-deewar kai is saher ko
Chalo soow-e-rahguzar

Jao gai kahaan...


BARZAKH Song Lyrics - EP

Jala dau ab
Meri umeedon ko
Raghon mein khoon bhee ruk jaye
Mita dau ab
Meri khwahishon ko
Keh seenay mein kuch bhee reh na jaye

Khwab ya haqeeqat
Kon hoon mein is baar?
kuchh bhi naheen meray haath mein
Kyun hoon mein lachaar?

Khwab? Haqeeqat? Tera wajood?
Ik mazaak tha, Sab bakwas tha
Ab bhee teray haath mein kuchh naheen hai
Tab bhee teray haath mein kuchh na tha

Saza dau ab
Baandh daalo mujh ko
Keh ab mujhe khauf bhee na aaye
Lai lo ab mujh sai khwab meray
Keh dil mein sai umeed bhee mar jaye

Mein karoon ab tau kia
Keh ab wajah hee naheen
Kuchh bacha hee naheen
Yeh soch hee reh gayee
Keh mein ab mein hoon keh naheen

Jala dau ab meri umeedon ko
Keh khoon bhi zindagi na chahey
Saza do ab maar daalo mujh ko
Keh ab mujhe khauf bhee na aaye

Bhula dau ab
Saza dau ab
Jala dau ab
Dua dau ab
Dua dau ab...


IRTIQA III Song Lyrics - EP

Kuchh aiteraz hai, kuchh ikhtilaf
Gar aaj iss mushkil mein daal hi diya hai
Tau suno, suno keh mein aik jhoot hoon
Aik moon bolta, moon phat jhoot
Mein bhi aur tum bhi... jhoot

Yeh gird-o-nawah ka shaoor
Jang-o-aman kai pech-o-kham
Yeh tajasus-e-dil-o-dimagh
Peer-o-alam, ustad-e-muhtaram
Yeh raasta dikhaney waley
Sab jhoot hein, jhoot hein, mein bhi aur tum bhi

Yeh baatein shayad samajh na paao
Keh nazar faqat shanas hai
Mustarid roshnee ko sach jaanney kee
Haqeeqat maanney kee

Alfaz kai madar mein alfaz hee alfaz hein
Alfaz kai is bhanwar mein alfaz kee talash hai
Alfaz sai tau soch hai

Yeh baatein shayad ab bhi samajh na aayen
Keh yeh alfaz bhee tau jhoot hee hein
Sab Jhoot hein, mein bhee aur tum bhi
Gar aaj iss raat nai parda chaak kar hee diya hai
Tau suno, suno - aur sun lo

Keh yeh raat iss dil sai zuban chahti hai
Yeh raat subah-e-tareek sai panah chahti hai
Har woh soch jo alfaz sai mashroot hai
Yeh raat uss soch kee karee saza chahti hai
Yeh raat har uss halat kee maut chahti hai
Jo ishq kai badlay khuda chahti hai
Yeh raat... irtiqa chahti hai

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