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Sad Poetry In Urdu Text

Sad poetry is one of the most popular genres in Urdu literature. It can be about anything that has made the poet sad, but it is usually written in a serious tone with a lot of feeling.Whether you're feeling down or just want to read some beautiful poetry, these are some of the best examples of sad poetry in Urdu.

Best Sad Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines

Tere Deed Ke Beghair Kesi Eid
Ham Nahi Mana Sakte Aesy Eid

Le Chala Jaan Meri Roth Ke Jana Tera
Aesy Aany Se Tu Behtar Than A Aana Tera

Hum Bhi Kya Farmaish Krte Hain
Tujh Se Mulaqat Ki Khuahish Krte Hain

Khud Tu Aya Nahi Aur Eid Chali Ayi Hai
Eid Ke Roz Mujhe Yun Na Sataye Koi

Na Pocho Mujh Se Lazat-E Khanman Barbad Rahny Ki
Nasheman Sainkron Main Ne Bana Kr Phonk Dalay Hain

Raste Mai Mil Gaya To Sharik-E-Safar Na Jaan
Jo Chaon Meharban Ho Use Apna Ghar Na Jaan

Nahi Nahi Ye Khabar Dushmanon Ne Di Hogi
Wo Aaye Aa Ke Chale Bhi Gaye Mile Bhi Nahi

Jis Tarah Khawab Mere Ho Gaye Reza Reza
Us Tarah Se Na Kabhi Tut Ke Bikhare Koi

Mai Phool Chunti Rahi Aur Muje Khabar Na Hui
Wo Shaks Aa Ke Mere Sheher Se Chala Bhi Gaya

Kuch To Tere Mausam Hi Mujhe Raas Kam Aaye
Aur Kuch Meri Mitti Mai Bagawat Bhi Bohat Thi

Kamal-E-Zabt Ko Khud Bhi To Azmaungi
Mai Apne Hathon Se Us Ki Dulhan Sajaun Gi

Dushmanon Ke Sath Mere Dost Bhi Azad Hain
Dekhna Hai Khinchta Hai Mujh Per Phely Teer Kon

Kaise Kah Doon K Mujhe Chor Diya Hai Us Ne
Baat To Sach Hai Magar Baat Hai Ruswai Ki

Itne Ghane Badal Ke Piche
Kitna Tanha Hoga Chnad

Main Sach Kahungi Magar Phir Bhi Haar Jaungi
Wo Jhoot Bolega Aur La-Jawab Kar Dega

Comforting Words For A Friend Who Is Sad

List Of The Best 15 Comforting Messages For A Friend Who Is Sad
  1. "I'm here for you, and I'll listen whenever you want to talk."
  2. "Remember, it's okay to feel this way. We all experience ups and downs in life."
  3. "You are not alone in this; I'll stand by your side through thick and thin."
  4. "This sadness won't last forever. Better days are ahead."
  5. "You're strong and resilient. You've overcome challenges before, and you'll overcome this one too."
  6. "It's okay to take some time for yourself and focus on self-care."
  7. "Let's find something that brings joy to your day, even if it's just for a moment."
  8. "Don't be afraid to ask for help or lean on others for support."
  9. "You're worthy of love, happiness, and everything good that life has to offer."
  10. "This too shall pass. Brighter days will come, and you'll find happiness again."
  11. "Your feelings are valid, and it's okay to express them."
  12. "I believe in your strength, and I know you'll get through this."
  13. "Remember all the times you've overcome challenges in the past. You have the power to do it again."
  14. "I'm grateful to have you as a friend, and I'm here to support you in any way I can."
  15. "It's okay to take things one step at a time. Be gentle with yourself during this difficult period."


Sad Long Distance Relationship Messages For Him

  1. "Distance may separate us physically, but my heart will forever be with you."

  2. "Every day without you feels like a never-ending ache in my soul."

  3. "I miss the way you make me smile, even from miles away."

  4. "The nights are the hardest, as I long to feel your arms around me."

  5. "Distance may test us, but my love for you remains unwavering."

  6. "I wish I could hold your hand and look into your eyes right now."

  7. "I find solace in our memories, but it's tough not being able to create new ones together."

  8. "The world feels empty without your presence by my side."

  9. "I keep counting the days until we can finally be together again."

  10. "This distance feels like an endless journey, and I can't wait for it to end."

  11. "Sometimes, I wish I could turn back time just to be with you again."

  12. "I miss your laughter, your voice, and the way you brighten up my life."

  13. "The longing in my heart grows stronger with every passing day we spend apart."

  14. "I may smile on the outside, but inside, I'm hurting from missing you."

  15. "Even in the distance, you're always in my thoughts and dreams."

10 Best Sad Love Messages

  1. "My heart aches knowing we can't be together."

  2. "Loving you was my greatest joy, but now it feels like my biggest pain."

  3. "I miss the way we used to be, and it hurts to know we'll never get that back."

  4. "I thought we had forever, but now it feels like we're drifting apart."

  5. "Every time I close my eyes, I can't help but think of you."

  6. "Loving you feels like holding on to a memory that's slowly fading away."

  7. "You were the missing piece in my life, and now I'm left feeling incomplete."

  8. "The hardest part is pretending I'm okay when I'm falling apart inside."

  9. "I wish you knew how much your absence hurts me."

  10. "Sometimes, the saddest love stories are the ones that never had a chance to begin."

10 Sad Valentine Quotes - Sad Valentines Day Quotes

  1. "On this day of love, my heart aches for what could have been."

  2. "Valentine's Day reminds me of the love I lost and the emptiness that remains."

  3. "The echoes of love lost are deafening on this Valentine's Day."

  4. "I used to love Valentine's Day, but now it's a painful reminder of what's no longer here."

  5. "Valentine's Day is a cruel reminder of the love I once had in my grasp."

  6. "As the world celebrates love, I mourn the love that slipped through my fingers."

  7. "This Valentine's Day, I'm reminded of the love that broke me."

  8. "The roses may be red, but my heart is blue on this lonely Valentine's Day."

  9. "As everyone celebrates love, I'm haunted by the love that didn't last."

  10. "Valentine's Day is a bitter reminder of the love that betrayed me."


The Best Collection Of "Sad Messages About Life"

  1. "Life's twists and turns can be overwhelming, leaving me lost in the darkness."

  2. "Sometimes, it feels like life is a constant battle, and I'm running out of strength."

  3. "In the midst of life's chaos, I often wonder if there's a place where I truly belong."

  4. "Life's uncertainties leave me feeling like I'm drowning in a sea of confusion."

  5. "The weight of the world feels heavy, and I long for a moment of respite."

  6. "Life's fleeting moments can be beautiful but also heartbreaking when they slip away."

  7. "At times, it seems like life is testing me beyond my limits, leaving me broken."

  8. "In the vastness of life, I'm searching for meaning and purpose that seems elusive."

  9. "Life's disappointments leave scars on my soul, reminding me of past pain."

  10. "The harsh reality of life can be a bitter pill to swallow, leaving me disillusioned."

Sad Goodbye Quotes For Him

  1. "Saying goodbye to you feels like saying goodbye to a piece of my heart."

  2. "I never thought I'd have to say goodbye to someone who meant so much to me."

  3. "In the end, all I can say is goodbye, but my heart refuses to let go."

  4. "Saying goodbye to you is the hardest thing I've ever had to do."

  5. "How do I say goodbye to someone who was once my everything?"

  6. "As I bid farewell, memories of our time together flood my mind, making it even harder to let go."

  7. "Goodbye doesn't mean forever, but the pain of parting still stings."

  8. "I wish I could hold on a little longer, but it's time to say goodbye."

  9. "Our paths are diverging, and I can't help but feel lost without you."

  10. "The hardest goodbyes are the ones that are never truly said."


Sad Break Up Messages

"Sometimes, life feels heavy, and tears are the only way our hearts can speak."

"In the midst of sadness, remember that brighter days will come. Hold on, and the storm will pass."

"When the world feels dark, know that you are not alone. I'm here for you."

"Sending you a virtual hug. Remember, you are stronger than you know."

"It's okay to cry; tears cleanse the soul and heal the heart."

"Life's challenges may seem overwhelming, but remember, you are resilient."

"In the depths of sadness, let the pain be a stepping stone to growth and healing."

"When the night is long and lonely, remember that the dawn will bring a new day."

"Though the pain feels unbearable now, time will gently mend your broken heart."

"I wish I could take away your sadness, but know that I'm here to lend an ear and support."


Sad Message For Best Friend

"In silence, tears speak the words my heart dare not utter."

"Lost in the depths of pain, I search for a glimmer of hope."

"Her smile concealed the ache that resided within."

"His heart shattered, but he wore a smile as his armor."

"Like autumn leaves, my dreams fell, leaving a barren soul."

"In the ruins of love, memories are the only remnants."

"Raindrops mimic my tears, falling from the stormy skies."

"The stars weep tonight, mirroring the sorrow in my heart."

"Her eyes held stories of heartbreak, untold and unseen."

"A broken heart's echo, haunting the chambers of my soul."


Sad Emotional Messages Collection 2023

"In the depths of sorrow, my heart bleeds words unspoken."

"Tears are the ink, and my heart is the paper, composing a melancholic symphony."

"Amidst the pain, poetry becomes my solace and refuge."

"Grief dances in the shadows, whispering verses of heartache."

"A fragile heart, tangled in the web of sadness, seeks release through poetry."

"In the realm of sadness, my pen weaves tales of a broken soul."

"The moon weeps in silence, mirroring my tears on this lonely night."

"Every verse aches with memories of love lost and dreams shattered."

"Through tear-stained lines, I pour my heart's lament."

"In this world of ephemeral joys, my poetry mourns the loss of happiness."


Sad Sms In English For Broken Heart

"Lost stars weep silently, fading into the night."

"Empty walls echo the whispers of a shattered heart."

"Tears fall like rain, drenching the soul in sorrow."

"Her smile hid the tears that washed away her dreams."

"Love's ember extinguished, leaving ashes of memories."

"In silence, a thousand words of pain left unspoken."

"Heartache's tattoo etched beneath a smiling facade."

"A broken heart's art, painting tears on a canvas of pain."

"Fading laughter, echoes linger, haunting the hollow heart."

"In the void of goodbye, love's absence echoes loud."


Powerful Sad Emotional Text Messages

"In the caverns of my soul, sadness echoes its haunting song, a melody of tears and broken dreams."

"With every sunrise, I paint a smile on my face, concealing the darkness that lingers within."

"In the ocean of sorrow, I'm drowning, searching for a lifeline to hold."

"Grief becomes a companion, a shadow that never leaves, whispering memories of what once was."

"Through tear-streaked verses, I pour my heart's ache, seeking solace in the written word."

"The stars weep tonight, reflecting the tears in my eyes, a cosmic symphony of sorrow."

"A shattered heart, like a mosaic, where the pieces don't fit, and pain becomes the glue."

"The weight of sadness is heavy, yet I carry it silently, an unseen burden etched into my soul."

"Behind closed doors, I break, but the world sees only my pieces meticulously arranged."

"Lost in the abyss of despair, I long for a glimmer of hope to guide me home."


Powerful Sad Emotional Text Messages

"Sometimes, tears are the only way our hearts can speak."

"In the midst of darkness, remember that even the night has its end."

"A broken heart may ache, but it still beats with strength."

"Behind every smile, there can be a thousand untold sorrows."

"Love left scars on my heart, but I'll heal and rise again."

"The pain of goodbye lingers, like an echo in my soul."

"The tears I cry in silence carry the weight of unspoken pain."

"In the shadows of grief, let time be the gentle healer."

"With every tear that falls, a piece of me is set free."

"Sadness is a storm, but it will pass, and the sun will shine once more."


Sad Life Poetry In English
Certainly, here are some sad life poems in English:

"Fractured Dreams"
In the wreckage of my dreams, I stand,
Where hope once flourished, but now banned.
Life's bitter winds, they blow and tear,
Leaving only fragments of what was dear.

"The Weight of Sorrow"
The weight of sorrow, a burden to bear,
Each step I take, I'm laden with despair.
In the depths of darkness, I search for light,
But all I find are shadows of the night.

"A Soul Adrift"
A soul adrift, lost at sea,
Struggling to break the chains that bind me.
Life's tempest rages, tearing me apart,
Oh, how I long for a tranquil heart.

"Fading Colors"
Life's vibrant hues, now dulled and gray,
As happiness dwindles, and joy fades away.
In the canvas of my life, I paint the pain,
Each stroke depicting losses and strain.

"Broken Strings"
Life's song once played, a melody divine,
But now the strings are broken, no longer aligned.
The music of my heart, it weeps and cries,
A symphony of sadness, beneath the skies.

"Shadows of the Past"
Shadows of the past, they haunt my soul,
Memories etched deep, taking their toll.
A lifetime of regrets, I can't erase,
Trapped in this sorrowful, endless maze.

"The Hollow Shell"
Inside this hollow shell, I reside,
Emotions wither, hope subsides.
Life's cruel twists, they leave me cold,
In this desolate world, I grow old.


Sad Poetry Sms In Urdu 2 Lines Text Messages

Din Ke Dahlty Hi Ujar Jaati Hai Aankhein Aesy
Jis Tarah Sham Ko Bazar Kisi Gaon Main

Mein Ne Kal Shab Chahatoon Ki Sab Kitaaben Phaar Den
Sirf Ik Kaghaz Pay Likha Lafz Maa Rehne Diya

Chalti Phirti Hui Aankhon Se Azan Dekhi Hai
Mein Ne Jannat Tu Nahi Dekhi Hai Maa Dekhi Hai

Barbaad Bastiyoun Main Kisay Dhoondtay Ho Tum ?
Ujray Howay Logon Kay Thikanay Nahin Hotay!

Mohabbat hoti to sanbhal layta kisi tareeqay
Ishq tha wo mera is liyay wjood kha giya mera

Mujhay kaha giya tha mehnat kerna
Afsoos! main ne nukta gira ker mohabbat kerli

Sad Poetry In Urdu For WhatsApp

Palat K Aagai Kheme Ki Samt Pyas Meri
Phate Hue The Sabhi Badalon K Mashkize

Aaj Youn Mausam Ne De Jashn-E-Mohabbat Ki Khabar
Phot Kar Rone Lage Hain, Mai Mohabbat Aur Tum

Phele Tujhe Banaya Bana Kar Mita Diya
Jitne Bhi Faisle Kiye Saare Ghalat Kiye

Har Ek Mausam Mai Roshni Si Bikherte Hain
Tumhare Gham K Chirag Meri Udasiyon Mai

Ibn-E-Adaam Kat Raha Hai Bint-E-Hawalat Rahi Hai
Aye Khuda Dekh To Sahi Teri Jannat Jaal Rahi Hai

Mir’ Amdan Bhi Koi Marta Hai
Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai Piyare

Mere Rone Ki Haqeeqat Jis Mai Thi
Ek Muddat Tak Wo Kaghaz Nam Raha

Best Short Sad Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines

Kisu Se Dil Nahi Milta Hai Ya Rab
Hua Tha Kis Ghari Un Se Juda Mai

Ker raha hai gham jahan ka hisab,
Aaj tum yad be hisab aay.

Hum Thay, Tum Thay, Kuch Jazbaat Bhi Toh Thay
Arey Choro! Kuch Nahi, Alfaaz Hee Toh Thay

Har Roti Aankh Udaas Nhi Hoti
Zindagi Har Jeene Wale K Pas Nhi Hoti

Kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe rona aaya,
Bat nikli tu her ek bat pe rona aaya.

Jahan Mazloom Hain To Kai Jabar Hain
Shehr-E Khamoshan Main Sab Brabar Hain

Sad Messages In Urdu Text

Daaym Paara Hua Tere Dar Par Nahi Hun Mai
Khaak Aisi Zindagi Pe K Pathar Nahi Hun Mai

Ne Tiir Kaman Main Hai Na Sayyad Kaman Mai
Goshe Mai Qafas Ke Mujhe Aram Bahut Hai

Main Bhi Munh Mai Zuban Rakhta Hun
Kaash Puchho K Muddaa Kya Hai

Kalkatta Ka Jo Zikr Kiya Tu Ne Ham-Nashin
Ik Teer Mere Seene Mai Maara K Haaye Haaye

Jaate Hoye Kahte Ho Qayamat Ko Milenge
Kya Khuub Qayamat Ka Hai Goya Koi Din Aur

Fard-O-Di Ka Tafarqa Yak Baar Mit Gaya
Kal Tum Gaye K Hum Per Qayamat Guzar Gai

Wese Hee Tumhe Veham Hai, Aflak Nashee’n Hain,
Tum Log Barey Log Ho, Hum Khak Nashee’n Hain

Deep Sad Poetry In Urdu (Short Sad Poetry)

Ham tu koch dair hans bhi lety hain,
Dil hamaisha udas rehta hai.

Aik Hee Milne Wala Tha,
Aesa Bichra Ke Phir Mila Hee Nahi

Ab Tere Zikr Pe Hum Baat Badal Dete Hain,
Kitni Ragbat Thi Tere Naam Se Pehle Pehle

Saare Khilone Chor Kar,
Jazbaat Se Khelte Hain Log

Aik Zamany Baad Faraz Ye Shair Kahy Main Ne
Ik Mudat Se Milay Nahi Hain Yaar Mera Aur Main

Ik Saal Gya Ik Saal Naya Hai Aane Ko
Par Waqt Ka Ab Bhi Hosh Nahi Dewane Ko

Ye shukar ha kh mery pas tera gham tu raha,
Wagarna zindagi bher ko rula dia hota.

Tum Mere Liye Itne Pareshan Se Kyun Ho
Mein Dob Bhi Jata Tu Kahin Aur Ubarhta

Mera Karnama-E-Zindagi Meri Hasraton Ke Siwa Kuch Nahi,
Yeh Kia Nahi, Wo Hua Nahi, Yeh Mila Nahi, Woh Raha Nahi

Mujhse Milne Ko Aap Aaye Hain,
Bethiye Main Bula Kar Laata Hun

Sad Poetry Love In Urdu

Maine Sab Khwahishon Ko Taal Diya,
Apne Dil Se Tumhe Nikal Diya

Jaane Kahan Base Gi Tu,
Jaane Kahan Rahunga Main

Iss Zindagi Mein Itni Faraagat Kissey Naseeb,
Itna Na Yaad Aa Ke Tujhe Bhool Jayein Hum

Ab Khuda Jaane Kahan, Unke Thikane Hain
Jo Mere Saath, Kabhi Eid Kia Karte Thay

Yeh Eid Bhi Guzari Hamari Hasb E Sabiq,
Kapre Naye Thay Aur Gham Wohi Purane

Ruksat E Yaar Hone Ke Baad,
Kitne Gham Khabar Lene Aa Ponche

Dekh Kar Tujhe Dukh Mein Yun Ehsas Hota Hai,
Jaise Aaine Mein Khara Mera Aks Udas Hota Hai

Aik Safar Tha Jo Guzar Gaya,
Koi Nasha Tha Jo Utar Gaya

Sad Poems In Urdu 2023

Teri Yaad Ki Barf Bari Ka Mosam
Sulagta Rha Dil K Andar Akele
Irada Tha Ji Lo Ga Tuj Se Bichar Kar
Guzrta Nahi Aik December Akele

Jaate Hoye Kehte Ho Qayamat Ko Milen Gey
Kya Khob Qayamt Ka Hai Goya Koi Din Aur

Dunya Ne Tajurbaat O Hwadis Ki Shakal Mein
Jo Kuch Muje Diya Hai Wo Luta Raha Hun Mein

Kis Ko Khabar Thi, Kis Ko Yaqeen Tha Ke Aesy Bhi Din Ayen Gey
Jeena Bhi Mushkil Ho Ga Aur Marnay Bhi Na Payen Gey

Kitni Qatil Hai Ye Aarzoo Zindagi Ki
Mer Jate Ha Kisi Pr Log Jene Ke Liye

Tamashbeni Ke Kothay Main Rooh Dafna Ke Aya Hon
Main Bari Mushkil Se Apni Laash Utha Ke Laya Hon

Pakistani Sad Poetry In Urdu

Dil Tujh Pe Fida Hua,
Kambakht Shauq Se Tabah Hua

Yeh Zaat Tamasha Ban Chuki Hai,
Duniya Ke Mele Se Thak Chuki Hai

Mausam E Khizan Ke Patton Ki Tarah Jhar Gaya,
Mera Wajood Tere Tan Se Juda Ho Ke Bikher Gaya

Maana Ke Har Koi Udas Hai Yahan,
Per Kisi Kisi Ka Gham Khas Hai Yahan

Sabr Toh Yeh Hai Har Zakham Hans Kar Saho,
Kehne Ko Bahut Kuch Ho Phir Bhi Chup Raho

Lambi Baatein, Wazahatein Nahi Ab Mukhtasir Si Karta Hun,
Kitaab E Zindagi Duniya Ke Aagey Ab Kholne Se Darta Hun

Behissi Shart Hai Jeene Ke Liye,
Aur Hum Ko Ehsas Ki Bimari Hai

Shoq E Wafa Na Sahee,
Khauf E Khuda Toh Rakh

Kaun De Ga Sukoon Aankhon Ko,
Kisko Dekhun Ke Neend Aa Jaye

Ab Aur Kya Kisi Se Marasam Barhyen Ham
Ye Bhi Bohat Hai Tuj Ko Agar Bhol Jayen Ham

Mohabat Ke Gharon Ke Kache Pan Ko Ye Kahan Samjhen
In Aankhon Ko Tu Bas Aata Hai Barsaten Bari Karna

Short Sad Poetry Status 2023

Sabi Kuch Ho Chuka Un Ka Hamara Kya Raha Hasrat
Na Dein Apna, Na Dil Apna, Na Jan Apni, Na Tan Apna

Jab Milo Kisi Se Tu Zara Door Ki Yaari Rakhna
Jaan Lewa Hote Hain Aksar Sene Se Lagane Wale

Wo Marz Ishq Hi Kya Abbas Jis Mein Jaldi Shafa Mile
Kon Mange Ga Khushion Ki Dua Jis Ko Dard Mein Khuda Mile

Khatar Se Ya Lihaz Se Mein Maan Tu Gya
Jhoti Qasam Se Aap Ka Emaan Tu Gya

Patton Ki Tarah Mujh Ko Bikherta Tha Zamana,
Ek Shaks Ne Yakja Kia Aur Aag Laga Dee

Hum Phansa Ke Yahan Faaslon Ke Chakaron Mein,
Zameen Zarur Kahin Aasman Se Milti Hai

Kaash Koi Toh Aesa Ho,
Jo Ander Se Bahar Jaisa Ho

Phir Kisi Se Woh Baatein Woh Mulaqatein Ab Nahi Hongi,
Raatein Toh Hongi Per Woh Raatein Ab Nahi Hongi

Latest Heart Touching Sad Poetry In Urdu

Ander Aesa Habas Tha Maine Khol Diya Darwaza,
Jisne Dil Se Jaana Hai Woh Khamoshi Se Jaye

Pehle Sab Khawab Kaghaz Per Likh Kar Sajaye Maine,
Phir Jala Kar Kaghaz Dariya Mein Bahana Acha Laga

Logon Se Milta Tha Gham, Main Seh Na Saka,
Akela Rehna Chahta Tha Magar, Reh Bhi Na Saka

Main Larki Ho Ke Bhi Qaim Hun Apni Baaton Per,
Magar Haya Nahi Aayi Tujhe Mukarte Huye

Khud Hee Ko Tabah Karke Roya Hun Main,
Har Roz Gunah Karke Soya Hun Main

Tu Saamne Hai Tu Phir Kyn Yaqeen Nahi Aata
Ye Bar Bar Jo Aankhon Ko Mal Ke Dekhte Hain

Hamary Armaano Se Sajao, Shah-E Wqat Aur Mehal Banao
Apna To Foot Path Thikana, Dekh Ke Hmain Mat Sharmao

Chalay Thy Jinhain Dekh Kr Kehny Laga Bacha
Baba Mere Hathon Main Sitary To Nahi Hain

Aa Gayi Yaad Sham Dhalty He
Bujh Gaya Dil Chiragh Jalaty He

Isi Khandar Mein Kahin Kuch Diye Hain Tote Hoye
Inhein Se Kam Chalao Bari Udas Hai Raat

Log Akar Kar Aese Jeete Hain,
Jaise Aab E Hayat Peete Hain

Sukhe Honton Se Hee Hoti Hain Meethi Baatein,
Pyas Jab Bujh Jaati Hai Toh Lehje Badal Jaate Hain

Aaj Bhi Sheher Mein Pagal Dil Ko,
Teri Deed Ki Aas Rahi Aaj Bhi Shaam Udas Rahi

Soo Baar Chaman Mehaka, Soo Baar Bahar Aayi
Duniya Ki Wohi Ronaq, Dil Ki Wohi Tanhayi

Iss Khak Ko Kisi Khak Ki Kya Khak Khabar Hai,
Yeh Toh Khud Khak Ho Raha Hai Kisi Khak Ki Khatir

Latest Sad Poetry In Urdu 2023

Bichra Kuch Iss Adase Ke Ruth Hee Badal Gayi,
Ek Shaks Saare Sheher Ko Weeran Kar Gaya

Mujhe Chor De Mere Haal Per Tera Kya Bharosa Ae Humsafar,
Teri Mukhtasir Si Nawazishein Mera Dard Aur Barha Na Dein

Ishq Ke Nashe Mein Doobe Toh Yeh Jaana Hum Ne Faraz,
Ke Dard Mein Tanhai Nahi Hoti, Tanhai Mein Dard Hota Hai

Bazam E Wafa Mein Apni Gareebi Na Pooch,
Ek Dard E Dil Hai Woh Bhi Kisi Ka Diya Hua

Chahun Toh Bhi Na Mita Paun Ga Tera Dil Se,
Mitaye Woh Lafz Jaate Hain Jo Ghalti Se Likhe Hon

Ab Ki Baar Aik Ajeeb Si Khwahish Uthi Hai Dil Mein,
Koi Tut Kar Chahe Mujhe Aur Main Bewafa Niklun

Phoot Parta Hai Dard Ka Chashma,
Yaad Jab Aeriyaan Ragarti Hai

Ek Woh Hain Jinhein Yaad Nahi Qissa E Maazi,
Ek Hum Hain Abhi Bhi Pehli Mulaqat Nahi Bhule

Tarteeb E Sitam Ka Bhi Saleeqa Tha Ussey,
Pehle Pagal Kia Mujhe Phir Pathar Maare

Mohabbat Naam Hai Jiska Woh Aesi Qaid Hai Yaaro,
Ke Umarein Beet Jaati Hain Saza Poori Nahi Hoti

Tum Qayamat Ka Naam Doh Ge Issey,
Waqt Apni Thakan Utaare Ga

Zabt Tehzeeb Hai Mohabbat Ki,
Aur Tum Samajhte Ho Be Zuban Hain Hum

Patton Ki Tarah Mujh Ko Bikherta Tha Zamana,
Ek Shaks Ne Yekja Kia Aur Aag Laga Dee

Kuch Bhi Dikhta Nahi Tumhare Siwa,
Aur Tum Hee Nazar Nahi Aate

Faqeeran Ishq Hun Ek Dar Se Lagi Bethi Hun,
Bikhaaran Hoti Toh Dar Dar Pe Pari Milti Main

Ab Jo Khoon Daman Pe Gira Hai Toh Shikayat Kaisi,
Main Na Kehta Tha, Mujhe Dur Se Maaro Pathar

Chand Lamhon Mein Maut Hui Mohabbat Ki,
Aik Zamane Se Iddat Mein Bethi Hun

Sad Life Poetry In Urdu

Reza Reza Hona Banta Hai Mera,
Utra Hai Mere Dil Pe Tera Ishq Mukammal

Yeh Alag Baat Ke Cheekhein Nahi Aati Bahar,
Aadmi Ab Bhi Chune Jaate Hain Deewaron Mein

Ishq Jis Se Bhi Karo Yaad Yeh Rakhna Ae Dost,
Chor Jaate Hain Parinde Bhi Shajar Ko Ek Roz
Tum Pe Beete Jo Qayamat Tanhai Ki,
Tum Bhi Kehte Phiro Azab, Azab Hai Ishq

Sainkaron Dilkash Baharein Thien Hamari Muntazir,
Hum Teri Khwahish Mein Lekin Thokrain Khate Rahe

Dhondta Phirta Hon Aey Iqbal Apny Aap Ko
Aap Ki Goya Musafir, Aap Hi Manzil Hon Main

Khak Ko Khak Le Uri Sayam
Takubar Reh Gya Wehain Ka Wehain

Chaba Lain Kun Na Khud Hi Apna Dhancha
Tumhain Ratab Muhaya Kyun Krein Ham
Aya Hi Tha Abi Mere Lab Pe Wafa Ka Naam
Kuch Doston Ne Hath Mein Pathar Uta Liye

Sukoon De Na Saki Rahatein Zamane Ki,
Jo Neend Aayi Tere Gham Ki Chaon Mein Aayi

Mojza E Ishq Na Kahun Toh Kya Kahun,
Hijr E Yaar Ne Kia Zaeef Ek Jawan Ko

Lonely Poetry In Urdu

Jo Aankhen Keh Deti Hain,
Unke Aagey Lafzon Ka Darja Kya

Aik Hee Shaks Pe Luta Dete Hain Jo Zindagi Apni,
Aese Log Ab Kitaabon Mein Mila Karte Hain

Na Chahat Ke Andaz Alag , Na Tere Mere Jazbaat Alag
Thi Saari Baat Lakeeron Ki Tere Hath Alag , Mere Hath Alag

Gulab Saare Madham Dekhayi Dete Hain,
Nazar Jab Bhi Tere Chehre Ka Tawaaf Karti Hai

Tujhe Yun Toot Kar Chaha Wajood Apna Mita Daala,
Khuda Ko Paa Chuke Hote Jo Karte Bandagi Itni

Umar Beet Gayi Per Ek Zara Si Baat Samajh Na Aayi,
Ho Jaye Jinse Mohabbat Woh Log Kadar Kyun Nahi Karte

Na Janay Kon Sa Aasaib Dil Main Basta Hai
Keh Jo Bhi Thehra Wo Aakhir Makan Chor Gaya

Bey Noor Si Lagti Hai Us Se Bichar Kar Zindagi
Zaid Ab Chirgh To Jalty Hain Magar Ujala Nahi Karty

Mere Kano Ko Dastak Ki Zaroorat Nahi Parti
Mujhy Ishq Uthata Hai Azaan Se Pehly

Sad Love Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines

Le De Key Apne Pass Faqt Aik Nazar Tu Hai
Kun Dekhen Zindagi Ko Kisi Ki Nazar Se Ham

Mat Poch Ke Kis Tarah Se Chal Rahi Hai Zindagi
Us Dor Se Guzar Rahe Hain Jo Guzarta Hi Nahi

Kabi Sehar Tu Kabi Shaam Le Gya Muj Se
Tumhara Dard Kyi Kaam Le Gya Muj Se

Us Se Milna Tu Usay Eid Mubarak Kehna
Ye Bhi Kehna Ke Meri Eid Mubarak Kar De

Yahan Mazdoor Ko Marne Ki Jaldi Kuch Yun Bhi Hai Mohsin
Keh Zindagi Ki Kashmakash Main Kafan Mehnga Na Ho Jaye

Dekha Kitab E Ishq Ke Awraaq Khol Kar
Awal Bhi Tera Naam Tha, Aakhir Bhi Tera Naam

Nit Naye Iraadon Main Itna Ghafil Hon Ke
Waqt E Qaza Bhi Qaza Hony Ko Hai

Naraz Karne Wale Teri Koi Khata Hee Nahi,
Mohabbat Kya Hoti Hai Shayad Tujhe Pata Hee Nahi

Mere Dil Mein Utar Sako Toh Shayad Yeh Jaan Lo,
Kitni Khamosh Mohabbat Tum Se Karta Hai Koi

Kaash Main Tere Naam Ka Nukta Hota,
Tum Tum Na Rehte Agar Main Na Hota

Mohabbat Mein Wafa Dhundte Ho,
Goya Pathar Mein Khuda Dhundte Ho

Mat Kiya Kijiye Din Ke Ujalon Ki Khwahishein,
Yeh Aashiqon Ki Bastiyan Hain Yahan Chand Se Dn Nikalta Hai

Sad Shayari Urdu

Aadat Unki Ab Kuch Iss Tarah Ho Gayi,
Ab Unki Berukhi Se Bhi Mohabbat Ho Gayi

Ishq Karna Hai Toh Phir Chak-E-Girebaan Kar Le,
Hosh Walon Se Kaha Raqs-E-Junoo Hota Hai

Pehle Dosti, Phir Mohabbat Aur Phir Bilawajah Nafrat,
Bari Tarteeb Se Ek Shaks Ne Tabah Kia Mujhe

Hum Ne Kab Ki Hai Tere Ishq Ki Shiddat Mein Kam,
Hijr Bhi Sab Se Bara Hum Ne Chuna Hai Tera

Yun Hee Pyar Mein Rota Nahi Koi,
Jissey Hadh Se Zyada Chaho Woh Rulata Zarur Hai

Ham Se Rotha Bhi Gaya Ham Ko Manaya Bhi Gaya
Phir Sabhi Naqsh Ta’luq Ke Mitaye Bhi Gaye

Sari Basti Qadmon Main Hai, Ye Bhi Ik Fankari Hai
Warna Badan Ko Chor Ke Apna Jo Kuch Hai Sarkari Hai

Hosla Kis Mein Hai Yusuf Ki Khredari Ka
Ab Tu Mehngyi Ke Charche Hain Zulaikhaon Mein

Dil Ka Kya Hai Dil Ne Kitne Manzir Dekhe Lekin
Aankhen Pagal Ho Jati Hain Aik Khayal Se Pehle

Kis Liye Mohsin Kisi Be Muhar Ko Apna Kahon
Dil Ke Sheshy Ko Kisi Pathar Se Kyun Takraon Main

Dil Ki Manzil Us Taraf Hai Ghar Ka Rasta Is Taraf
Aik Chehra Us Taraf Hai Aik Chehra Is Tara
Duniya Bhi Mili Hai , Gham E Duniya Bhi Mila Hai
Woh Kyun Nahi Milta Jissey Maanga Tha Khuda Se

Na Chahat, Na Mohabbat, Na Ishq Aur Na Wafa,
Kuch Bhi Nahi Tha Us Shaks Ke Paas Siwaye Husn Ke

Taluq Kitna Gehra , Rabt Kitna Khoobsurat Hai,
Labon Per Muskuraha Aur Seeno Mein Kadurat Hai

Hasrat Hai Tumhari Deed Karein,
Tum Aao Toh Hum Bhi Eid Karein

Sad Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines About Life

Utha Kar Phool Ki Patti Nazakat Se Masal Dali,
Ishare Se Kaha Hum Dil Ka Aesa Haal Karte Hain

Ab Tu Khud Apni Zarorat Bhi Nahi Hai Ham Ko
Wo Bhi Din Thay Ke Kabhi Teri Zarorat Ham Thay

Apny Ghar Ko Wapis Jao Ro Ro Kar Samjhata Hai
Jahan Bhi Jaon Mera Saya Pechy Pechy Aata Hai

Kia Janay Kia Likha Tha Usay Iztarab Main
Qasad Ki Lash Ayi Hai Khat Ke Jawab Main

Mein Bhi Bohat Ajeeb Hun Itna Ajeeb Hun Keh Bas
Khud Ko Tabah Kar Liya Aur Malal Bhi Nahi

Aks O Aaina Main Ab Rabt Ho Kya Tere Baad
Ham Tu Phirty Hain Khud Apnay Se Khafa Tere Baad

Sad Gham Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines

Tofan-E Gham-E Ja’na Guzar Hi Jaye Ga
Dekhna Hai Hosla Kitna Badbaan Main Hai

Zabat Bhi Sabar Bhi Imkaan Mein Sab Kuch Hai
Pehle Kam-Bakht Mera Dil Tu Mera Dil Ho Jaye

Apni Yaadon Se Kaho Aaj Chuti De Dein Mujhe,
Ishq Ke Hisse Mein Bhi Aik Itwar Hona Chaiye

Suna Hai Log Jahan Khoyein Wahin Milte Hain,
Main Apne Aap Main Tujh Ko Talash Karta Hun

Ussey Kehna Ke Chahat Ka Bahram Tutne Na Dena,
Tum Pal Do Pal Hee Aa Jaana Suna Hai Eid Aayi Hai

Dil Jo Tute Tera Toh Mere Paas Chale Aana,
Mujhe Mere Jaise Logon Se Mohabbat Hai

Hazaron Gham Hain Lekin Aankh Se Tapka Nahi Aansu,
Hum Ahl E Zarf Hain Peete Hain Chalkaya Nahi Karte

Thandi Thandi Hawa Chal Pari Hamare Weerane Mein,
Andaz Bara Zalim Hai December Tere Aane Ka

Kisi Ke Sath Pyar Se Mazak Zarur Karna,
Magar Kabhi Kisi Ke Sath Mazak Se Pyar Na Karna

Humein Tum Bhool Jaoge Humein Maloom Hai Lekin,
Palat Kar Jab Bhi Aao Ge Mohabbat Muntazir Hogi

Tujhko Manzoor Nahi Thi Jo Mohabbat Meri,
Mere Barhte Huye Kadmon Ko Toh Roka Hota

Mere Halaat Pe Muskurate Ho Sahab,
Bad’dua Hai Tumhe Bhi Ishq Ho Jaye

New Sad Love Poetry In Urdu

Aks O Aaina Main Ab Rabt Ho Kya Tere Baad
Ham Tu Phirty Hain Khud Apnay Se Khafa Tere Baad

Tofan-E Gham-E Ja’na Guzar Hi Jaye Ga
Dekhna Hai Hosla Kitna Badbaan Main Hai

Zabat Bhi Sabar Bhi Imkaan Mein Sab Kuch Hai
Pehle Kam-Bakht Mera Dil Tu Mera Dil Ho Jaye

Bulbul Ke Karobar Pey Hain Khanda Hae Gul
Kehte Hai Jis Ko Ishq Khalal Hai Dimagh Ka

Kochay Ko Tere Chor Kar Jogi Hi Ban Jayen Gey
Jungle Tere Parbat Tere Basti Teri Sehra Tera

Phir Hua Aese Ke Mujhko Dar Badar Karne Ke Baad,
Naam Ussi Basti Ka, Mere Naam Per Rakha Gaya

Parhta Tha Main Namaz Samajh Kar Ussey Rashid,
Phir Yun Hua Ke Mujhse Qaza Ho Gaya Woh Shaks

Dard Poetry In Urdu

Ishq Mein Mera Tutna Toh Lazmi Hee Tha,
Kanch Ka Dil Tha Aur Mohabbat Pathar Se Ki

Maloom Bhi Hai Ke Yeh Mumkin Nahi Hai Magar,
Ek Aas Si Rehti Hai Ke Tum Eid Pe Yaad Karoge

Woh Bhi Shayad Roo Pare Weeran Kaghaz Dekh Kar,
Maine Uss Ko Aakhri Khat Mein Likha Kuch Bhi Nahi By Zahoor Nazar

Ishq Ne Ussey Pathar Kardia,
Woh Ek Larki Jo Hooron Jaisi Thi

Har Aik Chor Jaata Hai Bazar E Mohabbat Mein,
Bhar Jaye Dil Toh Log Khilona Badal Liya Karte Hain

Luta Ke Pyar Ki Daulat, Khareede Khoon Ke Aansu
Mili Jo Ishq Mein Hum Ko, Woh Jageer Toh Dekho

Chalo Acha Hua Eid Ab Ke Bhi Tanha Guzar Gayi,
Gale Mil Ke Bahut Rote Jo Tum Aa Jaate

Dushmano Se Mohabbat Hone Lagi Mujhe,
Jaise Jaise Apno Ko Azmaate Chale Gaye

Ustad Ishq Sach Kaha Tu Ne Bahut Nalaiq Hun Main,
Muddat Se Ek Shaks Ko Apna Banana Nahi Aaya

Humein Samjho Na Khush Itna Labon Ki Muskurahat Se,
Hamari Aankh Mein Pehle Hazaron Hadse Dekho

Talab Maut Ki Karna Gunaah E Kabeera Hai Saqi,
Marne Ka Shauq Hai Aao Tumhe Ishq Ki Taleem Dun

Best Saddest Poetry Sms In Urdu 2 Lines

Koi Toh Baat Hai Dil Mein Aur Itni Gehri Hai,
Teri Hansi Teri Aankhon Tak Nahi Ponchi

Hazaron Chehron Ke Hote Huye Ek Tum Pe Mar Mittay,
Warna Na Chahat Ki Kami Thi Na Chahne Walon Ki

Aik Saal Aur Beet Gaya Ussey Dhundte Ussey Khojte,
Ae Zindagi Aik Ehsaan Kar, Mere Humsafar Ka Pata Bata

Silsila E Chahat Toh Dono Ka Ajab Tha Ae Dost,
Woh Meri Jaan Chahta Tha Aur Main Jaan Se Zyaada Ussey

Maqam E Mohabbat Tum Ne Samjha Hee Nahi Warna,
Jahan Tak Tera Saath Hai Wahin Tak Zindagi Meri

Mohabat Karne Walon Ki Tajarat Bhi Anokhi Hai
Manafa Chor Dete Hain Khasaray Baant Lete Hain

Ye Maza Tha Dil Lagi Ka Ke Brabar Aag Lagti
Na Tujhe Qarar Hota Na Mujhy Qarar Hota

Auqat Ki Baat Mat Kijiye
Aap Jese Rula Ke Aaya Hun

Kabhi Aey Haqeqat-E Muntarzi Nazar Aa Libas-E Majaz Main
Ke Hazaron Sajday Tarap Rahay Hain Meri Jabeen-E Niaz Main

Na Koi Gham Khazan Ka Hai Na Hai Khwahish Baharon Ki
Hamary Sath Hai Amjad Kisi Ki Yad Ka Mosam

Thak Gaya Aashiq Mohabat Ki Laash Uthaty Uthaty
Dil Hai Ke Janaza Parhta Hi Nah
Main Bhi Kuch Khush Nahi Wafa Kar Ke
Tum Ne Bhi Acha Kia Nibah Na Ki

Bahut Hee Mohtabar Hain Jin Ko Mohabbat Raas Aa Jaye,
Kisi Ko Raah Badalne Mein Zara Si Deir Lagti Hai

Woh Na Bhi Mile Toh Kya Hua Yeh Ishq Hai Hawas Nahi,
Main Unhi Ka Tha Unhi Ka Hun Woh Mere Nahi Toh Na Sahee

Sad Poetry In Urdu About Love

Musalsal Ishq Ki Baazi Jo Na Khelo Toh Behtar Hai,
Mohabbat Aag Jaisi Hai Jala Kar Raakh Kar De Gi

Khud Pe Beeti Toh Rote Ho, Tarapte Ho, Sisakte Ho,
Hum Ne Jo Kia Tha Woh Kya Ishq Nahi Tha ?

Aansu, Aahain, Tanhai, Veerani Aur Gham E Musalsal,
Ek Zara Sa Ishq Hua Tha, Kya Kya Virasat Mein De Gaya

Shouq Yeh Tha Mohabbat Mein Jaleinge Chup Chap,
Ranj Yeh Hai Tamasha Na Dekhaya Koi

Sad Poetry Sms In Urdu 2 Lines

Shayari Sach Mein Mohabbat Ka Lahoo Mangti Hai,
Sher Kehna Hai Toh Phir Yaar Ganwana Hoga

Maan Ki Dua Na Baap Ki Shafqat Ka Saya Hai
Aaj Apny Sath Apna Janam Din Manaya Hai

Baal Apny Barhaty Hain Kis Wastay Dewany
Kya Shehr Mohabat Main Hajam Nahi Hota

Har Aik Kaante Pe Surakh Kirnain Har Ik Kali Mein Chiragh Roshan
Khayal Mein Muskarane Wale Tera Tabssam Kahan Nahi Hai

Aaj Phir Maan Mujhe Maray Gi Bohat Ronay Par
Aaj Phir Gaon Main Aaya Hai Khilonay Wala

Main Chahta Hun Haqeeqat Pasand Ho Jaon
Magar Hai Is Mein Ye Mushkil Haqeqatain Hain Bohat

Tum Meri Taraf Dekhna Choro Tu Bataon
Har Shakhs Tumhari Hi Taraf Dekh Raha Hai

Do Hee Gawa Thay Meri Mohabbat Ke,
Waqt Aur Woh, Aik Guzar Gaya Dusra Mukar Gaya

Ustad Kyun Roya Tha Kin Halaat Ka Maara Tha,
Bachon Ko Seekhaya Jo Mohabbat Kaise Likhte Hai

Sath Nebhane Ka Wada Kiya Tha Aur Apna Hath Diya Tha Mujhko
Phir Kyun Peeche Mur Kar Nahi Dekha Hame, Ab Kyun Bhul Gaye Ham Ko

Sad Poetry In Urdu 2021

Aaya Tha Unka Khat Yeh Ke Humein Bhool Jao,
Hum Ne Jawab E Khat Mein Kinara Jala Diya

Dard E Dil Ki Aah Tum Na Samajh Sako Ge Kabhi,
Har Dard Ka Maatam Sar E Aam Nahi Hota

Zakham De Kar Na Pooch Dard Ki Shiddat,
Dard Toh Phir Dard Hai Kam Kya Zyada Kya

Na Zameen Apni Na Aasman Apna,
Duniya Mein Nahi Koi Maqam Apna

Woh Jo Ishq Tha Woh Khayal Tha,
Yeh Jo Hijr Hai Yeh Naseeb Hai

Chahat, Fikar, Taqdeer, Ishq O Mohabbat Aur Wafa,
Meri Inhi Aadaton Ne, Mera Tamasha Bana Diya

Mohabbat Karne Walon Se Tu Maange Saron Ki Bali,
Arey Ishq Kuch Khayal Kar Yeh Toh Rasm Hai Kafirana

Sad Poetry In Urdu 2 Lines

Aaj Toh Dil Ke Dard Per Hans Kar,
Dard Ka Dil Dukha Diya Maine

Suna Tha Dard Ka Ehsaas Toh Apno Ko Hota Hai,
Jab Dard Hee Apne Dein Toh Ehsaas Kaun Kare

Hum Ne Mohabbaton Ke Nashe Mein Ussey Khuda Bana Daala,
Hosh Tab Aaya Jab Usne Kaha Ke Khuda Kisi Aik Ka Nahi Hota

Jissey Dhundta Hai Mann Yahan Wahan,
Woh Toh Basta Hai Tute Huye Dil’on Mein

Tum Mujhe Jitni Aziyat De Sakte Thay Tum Ne Dee,
Ab Tum Dekho Ge Mera Sabr Aur Meri Khamoshi

Suno Har Roz Rula Dete Ho,
Kisi Ke Dard Se Dard Nahi Hota Tumhe

Jab Nazaray Thay Tu Aankhon Ko Nahi Thi Parwa
Ab Inhi Aankhon Ne Chaha Tu Nazaray Nahi Thay

Hai Dua Yaad Magar Harf-E Dua Yaad Nahi
Mere Naghmaat Ko Andaaz Nawa Yaad Nahi

Haseen Teri Aankhien Haseen Tere Aansu
Yehin Dob Jane Ko Jee Chahta Hai

Nafi Tum Ho Nahi Sakte, Jama Se Tum Ko Nafrat Hai
Taqseem Tum Ko Karte Hain Tu Zarb Dil Par Lagti Hai

Jo Kaha Mein Ne Keh Payar Aata Hai Mujh Ko Tum Par
Hans Ke Kehne Laga Aur Aap Ko Aata Kya Hai

Sad Poetry Urdu

Is Liye Tu Bachon Par Noor Barasta Hai
Shirartain Tu Karte Hain Sazishain Nahi Karte

Tu Bhi Ae Shakhs Kahan Tak Mujhe Bardasht Karey
Bar Bar Aik Hi Chehra Nahi Dekha Jata

Rooth Janay Ki Ada Ham Ko Bi Ati Hay
Kash Hota Koi Ham Ko Bi Mnane Wala

Ishq Ke Izhaar Mein Har Chand Ruswai Tu Hai
Par Kron Kya Ab Tabiyat Aap Par Ayi Tu Hai

Jab Kabi Tot Kar Bikhro Tu Btana Ham Ko
Ham Tumhai Rait Ke Zaron Se Bi Chun Sakte Hain

Woh Zindagi Jissay Zindagi Se Nisbat Thi,
Tumhari Zulf E Paresha’n Pe Waar Dee Hum Ne

Zinda Hee Dafna Deti Hoon Akser,
Lahasil Tamana Ko Palne Nahi Deti

Maine Har Sham Yehi Socha Hai,
Umar Guzari Hai Ke Din Guzara Hai

Khawab O Khayal Ki Saltanat Mein Hum,
Bichare Hu’on Ke Sath Bari Deir Tak Rahe

Aaiye Sahab Bethiye, Hukam Kijiye, Kya Paish Karun,
Khawab Hazir, Armaan Hazir, Dil Hazir, Jaan Hazir

Rangon Se Darr Nahi Lagta Sahab,
Rang Badalne Walon Se Lagta Hai

Rehte Hain Garq Unke Tasawar Mein Shab O Roz Sahab,
Ek Din Hamari Jaan Mohabbat Mein Jayegi

Raqs E Dil Hai Jaari Tere Ishq Ke Saazon Pe,
Koi Aesa Sur Na Cher Ke Dil Tarap Ke Marjaye

Sad SMS Collection


Sad Poetry English Collection - Depressing Text Messages

A sad message
When I was small I laughed less but there was infinite hidden joy
As I grew up, I learn to laugh a lot to hide the unspoken SADNESS..

Sad poem of love in hindi
Ishq ne hume Rula Diya
Jis Per Marte The usne hi hame bhula Diya
hum to unki yadon mein hi jee laitay,
magar unhone to yaadon mein hi ZEHER mila diya

Sad poetry for love in urdu
Ye raat itni tanha kiyu hoti hain?
Aapne kismat se sabko sikayad kiyu hoti hain?
Ye kismat bhi ajeeb khel khelti hain,
Jise hum paa nahi sakte,
Ussise hi mohabbat kiyu hoti hain?

Sad love quote in hindi
Usey Kehna K Mere Marny Par Aansoo na bahay.....!

K Mujhe Apni Mout Sy Ziada Usky Aanso ka dukh ho ga.

Sad sms about love
USNE PUCHA MAIN KANHA HOON? maine kaha tu meri saanso main dil main khayalo main dhadkan main ruh main nas nas main hai..USNE POOCHA MAIN KANHA NAHI HOON? maine kaha shayad meri "KISMAT MAIN".

A painful sad quote about love
Mujhe aaj bhi uske pyaar ki shiddat ronay nahi deti
Wo Kehte The Mar Jayenge Tere Aansun K Girne Se Pehle...

A sad love quote
Dil yeh nadaan na samjhe duniya ki rashmo ko,
Chali hai ishq ka izaar karne..
Lakh manaya padh phir bhi na mana kamwaqt ne
Zaher pi karr bhi rok na paya
Aankhon ki aasuyon ko.

Best SAD SMS Messages Collection 2023

A sad love saying
In aansuon ki kuch to kadar karr meri jaan
Isme chupa hai mohabbat tere liye
Youn to mera zanazaa uthega teri jane ke baad
Jisme ek tajmahal banayenge tere liye.
A sad saying and sms
Kar diya kurban khud ko, hamne wafa ke naam par,
Chod gaye wo hamko akela majburiyo ke naam par.

A heart touching sad message
Kabhi Na Aaye Mere Saath Chalke..
Hamesha Gaye Muje Barbaad Karke..
Agar Kabhi Aa Jao Meri Mayaat Pe..
To Keh Dena Abhi Soya Hain Tuje Yaad Karke

A sad message about broken heart
Sheeshe ke dil me thi tasveer teri bassi,
Sheesha toh tod diya, parr tasveer na chura saki..
Mila kya tujhe mere iss dil se khelkar,
Jaan hi chahiye thi toh maang kar dekhi hoti...

Gham hain use hum rok na sake - a sad poem
Gham hai ki woh hume samajh na sake,
hum mil karr bhi mil na sake,
do pal ki khushuyan thi meri zindegi mein,
gam hai ki ushe v hum rok na sake

A sad message about love
dil mein patthar rakh ke unse mooh mora humne,
khud ko tod k unka dil toda humne,
na jane kitane sitam saha tere liye is dil ne,
padh kuch gila v na kar paya humne

Khushiyaan ek kahani ban k - A sad sms
Khushiyaan ek kahani ban k rah gayi,
milte milte yeh dooriyaan badti gayi,
na jane kahaan gayi woh khilti huyi mausam,
dil mein ek andhera si cha gayi.

A sad message - couldnt hide my love
Apne pyar ko chupana chaha par chupa na sake,
diwane dil pe kabu hum pa na sake,
aaj itne karib se gujar gaye wo,
phir bhi unka hath hum tham na sake

A sad shayari about sacrifice
Dard se hath na milate to or kya karte,
Gam ke aansoo na bahate to or kya karte.
Usne maangi thi humse roshni ki dua,
Hum khud ko na jalate to or kya karte.

A nice sad sms
Dil rote gayi padh honto se muskaan na chuta,
zindegi humse dur huyi padh pyaar ka dhaga na toota,
samne hai kohra hi kohra padh teri surat aankhon se na chuta

Kuch Aesy Kaam Ab Kar Jaon Ga Main
Dil Ki Rahon Se Utar Jaon Ga Main
Meri Ta’amer Main Saraf Hoye Hain Zarrat
Chona Mat Mujhy Bikhar Jaon Ga Main
Tanhai Ki Ho Jaye Gi Itni Aadat Mujhy
Apny Hi Saaye Se Dar Jaon Ga Main

Ghalat Thehra Har Koi Meri Pehchan Mein
Allag Tasveer Thi Meri Marey Gumaan Mein
Bigaar Kar Insaan Is Zameen Ke Khadd-O-Khaal
Talaash Karta Hai Naya Ghar Aasman Mein
Darasal Apna Hi Aks Daikhta Hai Har Koi
Lagey Hain Har Taraf Aaiine Jahan Mein

Short SAD SMS Poetry

Tha Buhat Mann Jin Par
Woh  Buhat Be-Eman Niklay

Alfaz Jessay Bhi Ho Jiss Tarah Kay Bhi Ho
Log Matlab Siraf Apni Marzi Ka Nikltay Hai

Ainay Mein Meinay Dekha Hai Aik Shakss
Naraz Dunya Say Hai Baat Khud Say Bhi Nahi Karta

Tha Janazay Mein Shahrik Sara Shahr
Auss Kay Jo Khud Tanha Mar Gaya

Buhat Rah Liya Iss Jesam Mein Ab Aradah Yehi Hai
Khali Kar Do Iss Jesam Ko Waran Kar Do Pura Shahr

Meri Audassi Ko Mera Shokh Na Samjhna
Buhat Pyar Say Diya Hai Tuhfa Kesi Nay

Bazz Defa Khmushi Bhut Kuch Kah Deti Hai
Kan Laga Kar Nahi Sahab Dil Laga Kar Suniyay

Jetna Badal Shakhta Tha, Autna Badal Liya Khud Ko
Ab Jiss Ko Shakayat Hai Woh Zara Khud Ko Badal Kar Dekh Lay

Kantay Toh Phir Kantay Hai Hazoor
Humay Toh Phuloin Kay War Say Dar Lagta Hai

Bass Itni Si Baat Par Naraz Hai Waqt Humsay
Kay Zamanay Kay Andaz Hum Nay Na Shekhay

Jo Baatein Pi Gaya Mein
Wohi Baatein Kha Gein Mujhko

Lota Kar Har Khushi Zamanay Par
Zamanay Nay Humay Kien Ka Na Chohra

Yeh Eid Bhi Guzari Hasbay Mamool
Kapray Beshak Nai  Magar Yaadein Wohi Purani

Charha Kay Nafroutoh Ki Bhear Humko
Pouchtay Ho “Kesy Ho”

Iss Say Phelay Kay Be-Wafa Ho Jai
Aeh Dost Kiyon Nah Hum Juda Ho Jai

Short SAD SMS Poetry Engilish

After Hanging Us In Hate
You Ask “How Are We”

Talk About Strangers The Pains That We Get Was All From Ours
And All Happiness We Get Was All From Others

One Day You Will Miss Me
My Smile, My Words That You Take From Me

I Live Alone Its Not My Choice
It Is A Gift That Someone Gives Me

My Love For You Has No Boundaries
You Are The Reason Behind Everything Good In My Life

Saying Sorry Doesn’t Mean There Isn’t Guilt
And Forgiving Doesn’t Mean The Pain Is Over

I Changed Myself To Agree With Others
They Changed Themselves To Give Me Pain

They Always Hurt Me When I Need Them
When They Need Me I Only Love Them

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